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Auto Towing Tips – Towed Car FAQs

Sure, when you tow cars every day, these tips are second nature, but Jones Auto Towing provides these tips for people that don’t tow cars every day!  For more information, contact Jones Tow Car Services at 813.299.7000

Auto Towing FAQs

FAQs: How much will it cost to tow my vehicle?

Answer: We are very reasonable on our rates, All tows are not the same and there are factors that can change a rate up or down. Please feel free to give us a call for an estimate for the rate on your tow.

FAQs: What should I do If I break down on a roadway?

Answer: Get off the travel lanes as safely as possible. Remember that motorists today are using their cell phone, texting and playing with radio controls, and even reading while driving. Put your hazard lights on to alert other motorists. Never try and change a tire while on the side of the road – it’s very dangerous – call for help. Motorists are killed daily across this nation on roadways while broke down. Professional car recovery companies have the equipment and safety lighting to get the job done safely and fast.

FAQs: How long should I wait for a tow truck?

Answer: If you are waiting for Emergency roadside help, 30 minutes to an hour is within reason and what you should be expecting.

FAQs: Is it better to have my car towed on a flatbed?

Answer: Not necessarily, Vehicles can be damaged by over tightening the chains on flatbeds. Just remember, your vehicle can be towed safely with both types of tow trucks with an experienced operator.

FAQs: Can you bill my motor club or insurance company for my tow?

Answer: We do not bill motor clubs or insurance companies. Although we will bill your insurance company for any accident tow that is stored at our yard. There are a few benefits to you for allowing us to to store your car. First, this will give you time to make an informed decision on where you would like to take your car for repairs. This is a good way to save your money on a collision tow which can be expensive, your insurance company will be more willing to get your car repaired faster than letting it sit in our yard. Don’t pay for an accident tow. Your insurance company is responsible for covering this.

If you can’t wait any longer for a motor club tow truck, call Jones Tow Car Services and we can issue you a receipt for reimbursement by your motor club.