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While nobody wants to ever encounter a car accident, it is best that you are very much prepared for it. Of course, prevention is always better, but just it case it happens, you must be ready to handle the situation. Here’s a checklist for things to have in case of a car accident.

1) Insurance Papers. These documents should always be ready as you’ll give these to the other party in case they need to see them. Insurance papers will also come in handy to give to the authorities if they arrive on the scene of the accident. In some states, having car insurance is required for the operation of a vehicle and you can be fined if you don’t have it. So ensure your insurance paperwork is in order even before finding out that it is necessary to have.

2) Pen and paper. What? Yes, most people don’t usually carry around the necessary tools in order to write down the other party’s information for insurance claim purposes. While you can save them on your phone, you can’t assure your phone has enough battery all the time, right? Make sure you buy some pens and some decent paper in order to write down important information during emergency situations.

3) Digital camera or phone camera. You need evidence in the case of a disagreement of facts over what happened at an accident. Taking a few snap shots of the vehicles involved in the accidents can be great evidence if ever there will be a trial or if either insurance agency would attempt to deny responsibility.

4) Lastly, choose a reliable roadside emergency assistance company. Have their number saved so you can call them in case you’d need some towing services due to the accident. For towing Valrico fl, trust our quick response team here at Jones Auto Towing!